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Let´s Dare Together

From time to time in human history, women have had to face with bias and prejudices, often it was forbidden for them to study and to pursue their goals, especially in scientific areas. Who were the founding 'mothers' of our modern scientific era?

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SULTAN represented with the EC at the AAAS conference in Seattle, WA

In Seattle, Washington (the city of the original Starbucks, the iconic Space Needle, Pike’s Place Market, and grunge music, among many other things), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting took place, 13 to 16 February 2020 with Bill Gates as one of the plenary speakers.

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Lousal: A Successful history of mine remediation in Portugal

The Lousal Science Centre – Mine of Science is part of a Portuguese network of 20 science centers spread throughout Portugal, which has the objective of promoting knowledge among people of all ages and fostering science and technology in creative and attractive ways for scholar and non-scholar visitors.

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(Science) mining in Portugal

The 3rd Network Wide Event (NWE3) of SULTAN project not only allows early researchers and partners to exchange scientific ideas but also offer magnificent hands-on experiences at the same time: A brief travel into the past and gain useful knowledge for future sustainable mining

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New video: The Dark Side of the Circular Economy

“The Dark Side of the Circular Economy” is the title of the ELFM V Symposium Aftermovie (5-2-2020). Referring to the EC’s pending Circular Economy Action Plan the video highlights one major blind spot in this plan. How will we deal with the waste of the past?

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Recycling of Historical Mining Waste, a new business?

Abandoned, historical mines can be found all over Europe. Waste present at these sites can cause major environmental problems, with the most commonly known example being acid mine drainage. But is there any business opportunity in re-mining these historical dump sites?

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