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Recharging as ESR: a secondment later in Freiberg…

After a joy of meeting and contributing to a week of network event in Freiberg last September, I, like any other ESRs in SULTAN spent an extra working period in the same city for no other than so-called secondment. This blogpost encapsulates my learning journey,

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MSCA-ETN SULTAN project focuses on the remediation and reprocessing of sulfidic mining wastes both of abandoned and active mines

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Functional foods

Functional foods are foods or food ingredients that provide health benefits beyond the basic nutrition, as a result of physiologically active food components. A functional food boosts optimal health, advances the immune system and can help prevent chronic diseases.

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Acid Mine Drainage: Let that mine flood

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is the outflow of acidic water from mine waste usually containing toxic heavy metals and metalloids. This occurs through the process of sulfidic ores being exposed to the atmosphere or water, causing the sulfides to oxidize into sulfuric acid.

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Is there life beyond cement?

Cement is the most used building material in Earth. Its production and consumption are very well stablished across the countries. Can you think of a reason to change that? Find out in this ETN SULTAN Blog.

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Keeping Up with the Circular Loop

Circular economy: adopting a four R’s policy (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) and “keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times”.

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Biomining: what does it mean?

BIOMINING: What does microbiology have to do with metal extraction or mine wastes? How do they match? Biomining is the technical extraction of metals from ores, mineral concentrates and waste materials by microbial activity.

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What are Critical Raw Materials?

Dear readers, My name is Srećko and I am currently located in Leuven where I am doing my PhD as part of SULTAN project. I am ESR (Early Stage Researcher) 2 and also the 2nd Croatian writing a blog for the project (Hint: Read Maja’s blog (ESR 7) if you want to know how many Croatians are in the project, or ...

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Critical raw materials: our modern and daily life

Countries accounting for largest share of global supply of CRMs

"I realized that a significative number of people doesn’t know about how the spoons we use, or our daily tools for work, the machinery in the streets, technological apparatus such as cell phones and computers need mining and industries related to supply the needs of our developing society" - Alexandra Gomez Escobar, MSCA fellow, researcher in H2020 ETN SULTAN project

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