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ESR7 – Nor Kamariah

Nor Kamariah is a chemist from Indonesia. She graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry from University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and obtained her bachelor’s degree from Lambung Mangkurat University (Indonesia). She worked for approximately 3 years in industrial sector as R&D specialist and quality control analyst in Indonesia. After being awarded a Danish Government Scholarship in 2017, she came to Denmark to pursue her dream; studying abroad in Europe. During her master’s degree, she took inorganic chemistry specialization and conducted a research on the synthesis and applications of graphene based materials for her thesis project. After graduation in August 2019, she worked as research assistant at the University of Copenhagen for 2.5 months.

She expands her research experience by taking an early stage researcher position at VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) to work as ESR7 on SULTAN project ‘Advanced Leaching of Cu-Zn, Zn-Pb and Cu-Zn-Pb Tailings using Microwave Heating’. Dr. Jeroen Spooren (VITO) and Professor Koen Binnemans (KU Leuven) are respectively supervisor and co-supervisor for her project that will focus on the development of solvometallurgical method combined with microwave heating technology to increase selectivity, efficiency and kinetics of metal leaching. Nor Kamariah aspires to become better at research and to develop valuable scientific and soft-skills throughout the SULTAN project.

Poster: Advanced Leaching of Cu-Zn, Zn-Pb and Cu-Zn-Pb Tailings using Microwave Heating

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