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ESR6: Ana Luiza Coelho Braga

Ana Luiza C. B. de Carvalho is a Ph.D. student at TU Clausthal, originally from Ourém, Pará, in Brazil. As ESR06, her research is focused on the development of a direct, ultra-fine particle-flotation technique through agglomeration for the reprocessing of sulfidic tailings. Ana Luiza has a BSc. degree in Mining Engineering from Universidade Federal do Pará in Marabá, Brazil. During her bachelor’s degree she developed research activities on leaching and flotation and, thanks to the Science Without Borders Scholarship, Ana Luiza studied abroad at the Università di Bologna (Italy) for two semesters and interned at Italkali, an Italian Company which mines Salgema into two underground mines in Sicily. In 2016, she got a M.Sc. Degree in Mineral Engineering, from the Universidade de Ouro Preto (Brazil). In 2017, she started to work at the Mineral Processing Laboratory in the Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará (Brazil) and in the following year, she became a lecturer at the same university. Following her academic and professional background, Ana Luiza has decided to pursue a Ph.D. to continue learning and improving her researching skills.

In February 2019, Ana Luiza joined the researchers’ team at TU Clausthal as a Ph.D. candidate involved in the ETN project SULTAN. Her work is supervised by Dr. Daniel Goldmann, co-supervised by Dr. André Silva (UFG), and is focused on the ultra-fine particle flotation through agglomeration for the re-processing of sulfidic mining residues.

Poster: Innovative ultra-fine particle flotation through agglomeration for the reprocessing of sulfidic tailings

SULTAN_poster_ESR6_Ana Luiza de Carvalho

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