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ESR11: He Niu

He Niu was born in China. He specialized in material science and his research interests are focused on Inorganic Materials. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST), China. He accomplished his master thesis in Hydrogen Storage Group, University of Birmingham (UOB) in UK and held his Master’s degree of MRes. The title of his master thesis is “Hydrogen storage properties for NaH-nanoSi composite”. After his graduation, he conducted his internship in a 3D-printing company named Material Technology Innovation Co., Ltd in China. Thereafter, he came to the University of Oulu in August, 2018 and previously involved in the Novel synthesis methods for porous ceramic from mine tailings (CeraTAIL) project. In 2019, he is currently a doctoral student in the Sustainable Cementitious Binders Group of Fibre and Particle Engineering Unit, University of Oulu and also one of the Early-stage Researchers in the Marie Skłodowska Curie Initial Training Network-SULTAN. In addition, his doctoral project title is “Utilisation of purified, tailings-derived mineral residues in inorganic polymers”, which is supervised by Prof. Mirja Illikainen. The aim of his PhD research is to valorise the sulfidic mining wastes as the output of inorganic polymers with reliable mechanical properties via alkali-activation. Alkali activated materials (AAM) are novel and eco-friendly with widespread applications including construction materials. He is also really into traveling, reading and watching movies during his spare time.

Poster: Mechanochemical activation of sulfidic mining waste rock for alkali activation

SULTAN_poster_ESR11_He Niu_ Alkali activation of waste rock_final version

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