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The Online Recruitment is now open for ESR7 position.

We thank all 240 applicants for the 15 ESR positions. The SULTAN Recruitment Committee has preselected the following 22 candidates.

Damien Kalebic (Croatia) Efstathios Kyrilis (Greece)
 Alexandra Gomez Escobar (Colombia) Ana Luiza Coelho Braga de Carvalho (Brazil) Mohit Singhal (India)
Srecko Bevandic (Croatia) Sevasti Koutsoupa (Greece) Natalia Martins (Brazil)
Maja Vuckovic (Croatia) Tamara Azevedo Schueler (Brazil) Bernadin Beauderic Kenne Diffo (Cameroon)
Rosie Blannin (UK) Chiamaka Belsonia Opara (Nigeria) Jillian Helser (US)
Lukasz Kudlak (Poland) Mahsa Salehi (Iran) Lugas Raka Adrianto (Indonesia)
Amr Saad (Egypt) Panagiotis Xanthopoulos (Greece)
Keyvan Jodeiri Iran (Iran) He Niu (China)


Guidelines for Recruitment Event

  • ESR candidates apply for a specific ESR position (which might not correspond to your nr. 1 choice)

Every ESR has been appointed a “Prioritised/inviting Supervisor”. In most cases this corresponds with your 1st priority as indicated in your on-line application. In some cases, however, it might correspond to your 2nd or 3rd, or it might even be a totally different position. These changes are the result of the recruitment committee meeting. In the case you belong to the latter category, you will receive a separate email to inform you who your designated Supervisor is. Make sure you tailor your presentation to that specific position.

  • Template for your presentation

In attach you can find the template that needs to be used to prepare your presentation for 18-10-2018 (20 minutes presentation time!). Please STRICTLY follow the guidelines, which are quite explicit. In order to help you prepare for this presentation we also send you the official Annex 1 document of the SULTAN project, which provides information about the work plan, the objectives of the 15 ESR topics and an overview of the training/soft skill programme. Your (final) presentation should be sent to peter.jones@kuleuven.be  no later than 16-10-2018 (12h BRUSSELS TIME). At the recruitment event no newer versions will be accepted. Respecting these deadlines and providing a neat presentation, in full accordance with the guidelines, is already a key part of the recruitment exercise.

  • Pdf paper as a basis for a discussion

In the next few days your prioritized supervisor will send you a pdf of a peer-reviewed paper, which will be used during the interview as a basis for a scientific discussion. This allows the supervisor(s) to see if you have the right profile for the position.

  • Lump sum of 250 euro

In order to plan the event (and developed the detailed agenda) we want you to confirm before 10-9-2018 if you will be present for this event. In order to help you financially, you will receive a 250 euro lump sum from the prioritized/inviting Supervisor. This is done through a reimbursement process (i.e. you receive the money after the event!).

  • For persons with visa issues

If preselected candidates encounter visa related/travelling problems and cannot make it to Leuven (Belgium) on 18-10-2018, the Recruitment Committee allows – only in exceptional cases! – an alternative procedure. This procedure involves 3 steps:

  • Before 14-10-2018: The preselected candidate makes and sends the same powerpoint presentation as described above (deadline 14-10-2018, two days earlier than for “regular ESR-candidates”) along with a 20 minute recorded video message using the following software: https://webcamera.io/. The preselected candidate can orally present his/her powerpoint presentation (max. 20 minutes!). Once you have recorded the video upload your video here: https://www.youtube.com/upload and send us the link to the video (peter.jones@kuleuven.be)
  • Between 14-10-2018 and 17-10-2018: the Inviting Supervisor does a skype interview with the preselected candidate to ask a number of questions (as would have happened during the recruitment event).
  • 18-10-2018:  The recorded video message, along with the ppt presentation, will be shown to the Recruitment Committee (screen split mode). After the 20 minutes the Inviting Supervisor will provide feedback about the skype interview to the other Recruitment Committee members.
  • To be able to use this possibility, the preselected candidate needs to get the approval of the Inviting Supervisor and Peter Tom Jones. For more information: contact peter.jones@kuleuven.be. Inform us asap if you need to use this procedure!