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ESR2: Srećko Bevandić

Srećko Bevandić is a Geologist with an interest in mineralogy, ore deposits, geochemistry, and  geometallurgy. He was a teaching assistant in a course regarding optical mineralogy, geochemistry, ore deposits, and applied mineralogy and petrology. During his studies, his focus was mainly on ore deposits and geochemistry. He published one article. During his last year of study, he attended a short-term excursion in Hungary. He was volunteer at MECC 2018 and also went to the opening of Geo-park Vis as part of a pilot project. Besides his Master’s and Bachelor’s Theses, he also wrote and applied for a Rector Thesis. The main focus of his research is Geometallurgical characterization of Zn-Pb tailings for extraction and recovery in  Plombières (Eastern Belgium).

Srećko has a BSc. in Geological Engineering from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia and MSc.  in Geology with a focus on Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations from the same University.

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