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ESR15: Lugas Raka Adrianto

Lugas Raka Adrianto considers himself as an Indonesian student who is searching for adventures (research journeys included) in Europe. Some of you may know a little about Indonesia: this archipelagic country has a rich diversity (>15 000 thousands of islands) and unimaginable natural resources (mining is just one of them).

Chemical engineering degree (ITB, Bandung) was one major that particularly piqued his curiosity, until during penultimate year of bachelor he realized that energy sector seemed attractive as well. In between this observation, he also did some work as technical marketing representative at a chemical company to further sharpen his true interest: pursuing higher study about sustainability engineering in Europe. InnoEnergy double-degree master program in Renewable Energy (RENE) made this intention became a reality, where he could study in both Sweden (KTH, Stockholm) and France (École polytechnique, Paris) back in 2016 – 2018. This program was everything that any students could want, as it gave him a perfect exposure to the innovative curriculum, industrial cooperation, and practical hands on collaboration throughout two years. In this exact period, he discovered another shift: digging in-depth research in the field of environmental related field when he worked as a researcher in the last months of his stint at a French utility company. The notion of waste valorization has been very familiar to him and it gradually drives the urges within to continue further. Coincidentally, SULTAN collaborative project entered at the right timing and the rest was expected. With the grand idea of environmentally assessing valorization of tailings (bulk residues) from mining wastes, this idea can be one of the pioneers of initiating the circular economy objective: as he believed.

In a more detailed fashion about ESR15 (Raka’s PhD project), a novel environmental evaluation model will be developed to understand the sustainability levels of the whole ESRs project currently ongoing. The involvement of all ESR projects becomes very critical, as this will influence the clarity of each process from its life cycle perspective. On top of that, having the complete environmental assessment of new processes also means that it can act as a comparable package versus its existing disposal practice. Therefore, at the end of this project, several critical decisions can be drawn either to direct research for eco-friendly waste manufacturing or to some insights about greener mining practices.

His evenings and weekends are usually filled with reading comics, sharing thoughts on personal blogs, collating sceneries through videos (still learning) or even as simple as laughing on certain standup comedy shows. A very well done if you have read this far, meaning that you have a lot in common. Thus, your thoughts and any related features about ESR15 project (including his personal views) can always be conversed to: adrianto@ifu.baug.ethz.ch or lugasraka@outlook.com

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